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Thursday, July 28, 2005

First video entry

Well, I WAS going to wait until Hawaii to make the first entry, but since Dennis jumped the gun I decided I would as well. I made this so you guys could see what work looks like. This was during a night shift in the control room during my group's experiment.

Video entry- In the Control Room

I apologize for the format, but I don't have a tool to convert it just yet. Actually, since you guys don't use Linux you won't mind, I suppose.

Edit by Eric: Threw in a screenshot.


  • At 28 July, 2005 16:23, Blogger kowey said…

    Doesn't seem to work.
    Might just be ourmedia being reaaaaallly slow.
    Or maybe there's a useful hint to follow at freevlog

  • At 28 July, 2005 16:52, Blogger kowey said…

    ok, so it does work, but the file is around 36 MB. Since ourmedia is so slow, it might be a good idea to aim for under 5 meg.

  • At 28 July, 2005 21:21, Blogger Bert Green said…

    Well, this was a first entry, so is probably longer than most future entries will be. However, 5 megs is kinda small. Maybe if I used the smallest video resolution.. I'll try that next time and see how it looks.


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