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Saturday, July 30, 2005

interview with Mary

My friend Mary used to help me out on my science fair projects when we were in high school, and we've kept in touch ever since. In this interview, Mary talks about her new house, life in Jacksonville, and her job as IB program director at Paxon high school:

(BTW, the "For your information, I am also from the Westside" is directed at the audience, not Mary)


  • At 30 July, 2005 08:09, Blogger kowey said…

    Bert, I think I figured out why your video wasn't working for me. ".qt" is not likely the expected extension. Try ".mov" instead for quicktime movies.

  • At 30 July, 2005 08:10, Blogger kowey said…

    And note that while this is a 50 MB file, it runs for about 10 minutes. So 5MB/min.


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